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The sailors used this one in the old Navy days. Before you go off for a long, lonely voyage, get yourself a tall jar and fill it completely with earthworms. When you get lonely, open the jar and fuck away. The earthworms will provide some slithery stimulation, and your protein load will keep them nicely fed. Gone fishing!
I gotta get some bait n' tackle before I rape a bitch.
by loki581 May 28, 2003
Phrase referring to an amateur shooting a quick porn video in Las Vegas for much needed cash.
"John lost it all at the tables; he had to do a bait n' tackle to get airfare back home!"
by B&T November 29, 2007
N. - A masturbatory session in the locker room preceding football practice.
Lydia: "Steve, why are you so worn out this evening?"
Steve: "Bait N' Tackle my lady. Now make me a sandwich."
by F one. J one. October 17, 2010

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