A vehicle, monitored by the police, that is used to tempt a car thief into stealing it.
The Vancouver police operate with "bait cars" to trap car thieves. The vehicles, equipped with disabling devices and global-positioning equipment, are parked in a lot where thieves have been active. The bait-car program is well known to car thieves, who consider the practice unsporting,
by JRob November 17, 2005
Top Definition
A tactic used by many larger municipalities to catch car thieves. They take a highly desirable car,such as a Lincoln or Cadillac with 20 in rims and spinners,fit it with GPS tracking device,hidden on-board cameras,and a remote ignition cut-off.The cops park the car in the ghetto with a watermelon,a laptop,a pair of Air Jordans,and a bucket of chicken in the front seat and wait for the "monkey to grab the banana".
The nigga's lawyer claimed entrapment because the police used a bait car.
by wolfbait51 April 19, 2011
(n.) A vehicle which has been modified by law enforcement agencies to detain any person trying to steal (or jack) it. Usually fitted with an engine immobiliser or remote steering device, concealed cameras and door locks which can be locked by remote. A baitcar does not violate anti-entrapment law as the individual is not enticed into stealing the vehicle.
I got caught jacking a baitcar, got me sent down for a stretch
by JediAndi September 03, 2005
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