An island that lies between Saudia Arabia and Qatar, It got its independance from Britian on 16 Dec. Bahrain is ruled by the AlKhalifa Family, on the year 2005, sheik Hamad Essa AlKhalifa has become the king, making Bahrain the smallest Middle eastern Kingdom, it is also the smallest country in the gulf reign. Bahrain is famous for its rich pearls and the availabilty of alot of Oil, it is a kingdom that balances Western tradition and Arab tradition with its yearly ceremonies and Carnivals, it has the a growing economy and it is a developing country. Bahrain is also famous for its future plans, it has spent millions to built a beach resort that is named "one of the most wonderful places on Earth"
Bahrain is surrounded by seas, that is how it got the name "bahrain" as in 2-seas. ITs capital is Manama.
<he> I wanna visit a place thats calm, relaxing and fun
<she> There is no better place than Bahrain!
<he> hm, we should check it out, what cool places does it have?
<she> well it has the biggest waterpark on the Planet, it has wide beachs and inexpensive products, a big Musuem and a huge Garden centring in the middle. I also heard it has that big resort where you can find anything you want! It's Eutopia I tell ya!
by Dx619 January 24, 2008
Top Definition
(The current definition is wrong - there is no such mass of water with the name 'Arabian Gulf'.).

Bahrain (an island) is a country in the Persian Gulf.

The Kingdom of Bahrain lies in the Persian Gulf.
by NeverMindWho March 10, 2006
Currently occupied by Saudi and the government are killing their own people. Full of tear gas on a daily basis.
Not the right place to visit atm. ALLOW BAHRAIN.
-"Nah police are shooting everyone"
by one&onlyMe October 25, 2011
The best place ever, nightclubs galore, awesome people. People who say it's hell are liars, as long as you know the right people it can be such a blast...
Oh ma goodness gracious I had such a fun time in Bahrain
The pit of Tartarus and Paris to Saudi Arabia
There are no words to describe the calamity that was mistaken to be tylos

The God king Gilgamesh perished trying to salvage Bahrain

Not all who travel here are destroyed, not in flesh at least
by Elijah Jadirson March 19, 2014
A small kingdom in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf where most people hate Americans and the government is beyond corrupt. Hell-like in it's atmosphere, idiot muslim women who are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia come here to learn how to drive. Ethiopian, Bulgarian, Thai, Filipino and Russian women come here to milk money from American servicemen and stupid rich oil sheiks.
There is no example for the calamity that is Bah-fucking-rain. Bahrain. There, I said it. Can I submit now?
by Lived there for 2 years September 02, 2008
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