A phraze u say when soeme one is bitchen at you and all up in your face so u just shout BAH at them and then they piss off Muhahahahaha
You mum howz it gan?
" Have u done ur homework ? "
" No"
" Well do it now, blah blah blah blah blah blah"
" BAH!"
by William Wilkie March 03, 2008
used by lazy pot heads to say bud or marijuana
doo lets go sma some bah and play some xbah
by mr.figs August 13, 2007
synonym for weed,marijuana.
Hey Josh you want some bah?
by P>>trick May 28, 2007
Stands for "bitches and hos".

Unknown orgin, but used to describe a certain group of senior girls at a certain high school in western new york.
"Everyone stop talking about Marla, the bah are coming."
by Boo Radley of Bah-Town April 29, 2007
Acroynm or slang used to mean anything. Can be used as verb, Noun or pronoun, adjective or adverb, preposition or conjunction, and always as interjection. Befitting anyword in the modern English language. Most appropriately when used to mock, taunt, or belittle another co-worker in the food service industry. When used with emphasis can substitute for any form of expletive.
supervisor: Hey buddy, how is that job coming along..."bah?"
coworker: Did you see that game? ........"Bah ah ah!"
rival: That lazy fool is always screwing off.."BAH-uh uh BAH!!!"
by Airman Tuttle January 27, 2007
A Complete Disregard Of ones opinion; Disagreeing totally.
"Hanson isn't that bad",Bah!. 2."I don't drink Natty Light" ,Bah!. 3. "I don't think I'm going out tonight" Bah!
by Alix Nelson January 25, 2007
1. used to express anything but happiness.
ex. anger, dislike, frustration, etc.
can be used to replace any swear word
BAH to you
BAH on that
by taylor March 29, 2005
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