An interjection that you say when everything around you is going all hectic and crazy.
*Period 5 bell rings*
*You drop your books*
*You trip*
*You rupture your nuts*
Yourself: BAH!
*A neo-nazi beats you up*
Yourself: BAH!!
*Another bully punches your mangled face*
*You get shot randomly*
Your soul: BAH!!1111114o32nr3!
by hanes May 21, 2005
A word signifying a close bond between best friends. Can also have the connotation of someone who you consider a brother, or bro.
"Thanks Bah, I appreciate it. "
by Matt_Bah May 20, 2005
I'm bored
I dont wanna move...
by Gav October 15, 2003
expression of annoyyment or anger

See: bwah
Bah! Humbug!
by Richard [Zeratual] November 30, 2002
But, I love you
by Sterling44 April 25, 2013
Bah is a person, namely cute in appearance may even be the most beautiful people in the world. Bah's are also known for their lovable selves and also awkward (Awkies) moments.
Guy: Hey dude! did you see that girl?

Me: Yes, she's a bah.
by aasifmo November 03, 2012
Bitch Ass Hoe
She's such a bahhhhh -.-
by JDM Hoe January 08, 2011
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