your boy. your boo. the boy you love. opposite a guh (a girl)
Damn my bah lookin sexxxyyyy!
by CG Morning October 20, 2010
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a short loud laugh that one simply cannot contain
Ashley slips on the stairs

Zoe: "Bah"
by Mashmo June 24, 2007
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a short loud laugh that one simply cannot contain
Ashley slips on the stairs

Zoe "Bah"
by Mashmo June 03, 2007
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Bah is defined as a word use to say a statement is false. Bah could also be used in a sarcastic way to prove someone wrong. The word "bah" originated from Ryan Patrick Urv, from New Jersey. Ryan copy-wrote the word once established. The word originated from weird sounds he would say to his friends when he believed they were telling a false statement.
Ryan- Yo you want to play ball today?

Anonymous- ite im down. Are you ready to lose and shit?

Ryan- Bahh!! yeah okay buddy
by BigUrv August 15, 2010
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A universal term that can be used to signify an action, a feeling, or anything that the user feels appropriate at the time of using. May be accompanied with other words and phrases to alter the definition to the users liking.
Jacob will bah Sean. Jacob will belly-bah Sean.
by Wickard Pickard May 21, 2003
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