A random word that you just say
David: Johnny your a bum.....
Johhny: BAH!
by Hellfirefighter October 21, 2004
something you say when u think something is ugly, or disgusting
girl-hey do u like that guy over there?

girl 2- BAhHHH eww hes ugly BAHHH

2) boy 1- he guess what im eating, a peanut and banana sandwich

boy 2- BAHHH thats disgusting!! how could u eat that eww bahhh
by Mnj2va May 07, 2006
showing confusion
Q: What is the square root of 74 divided by 4 times 8?

A: Bah
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
An exclamation you use when very nervously excited.
omgwtf? what is matt damon gonna do next?!

i dunno!

by bchambers September 26, 2007
Another word for what?!. When it just slips out your mouth.
Leah: gdfsghyfd (not able to understand what is said)
Clara: bah?!
Harleigh&Clara&Leah: ahahahahhahahaha
Krista: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz(asleep)
by Harleigh June 02, 2007
Online speak for Bored And Horny.
SoandSo1: What's Up?
SoandSo2: BAH
SoandSo1: I hear you.
by Bthomps October 22, 2004
Slang term for a person, like homie, brotha', or the like.
1) Whats up, bah?
2) Thats my cookie, bah!
by lilrichworkinclassoigrl April 03, 2004
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