Bitch Ass Ho; usually used as an insult to females that have offended the user, occasionally used to insult males or objects
"That BAH stole my boyfriend!"
"Joseph is such a little BAH! He won't give me back my pencil that I leant him last week!"
"Ow! I stubbed my toe on that BAH!"
by c-dence August 06, 2006
something people say when they have nuthin better to say
Garrette says: go make some cake now u hoe
Shannon says: BAH!!!!!!
by Shanieka September 10, 2005
boston version of bar.
we went to the bah last night and got wicked drunk.
by caitydid November 22, 2003
Bored at home or typical teenager in the course of a summer. Indication of a shitty day. Laziness or refusal to do work that was supposed to be done 3 weeks ago.
Adam: what's up
Steve: bah
by W4R10CK August 03, 2011
Someone who's trying to be cool and fails to say "brah".
Come on, do you wanna fight me bah?
by Izin2296 October 04, 2009
Abbreviation For Big Ass Head
Damn that bitch got a BAH!
by FR0NTLINE July 18, 2008
Another, slightly more interesting way of saying Gah
Anthony: you're such a boothat
Josh: bah!
by Anthony Morrison September 07, 2005

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