dissappointment, something to say when you have nothing else to say.
BAH, i hate him so much
by person June 09, 2003
1.) When someone can't think of any word to reply to a comment, which is so downright ridiculous.

2.) In reply to a proposal from an ugly person whilst you are out.

3.) The sound a sheep makes. Obviously.
"You know that ugly person, withthe bad breath and BO in the year above, well he asked me out today." "Bah."
by SkinnyMinnie. May 13, 2009
Abbreviation for 'bitch ass hoe'
"I forgot to do that."
"You BAH!"
by Emily608 April 24, 2008
Country slang for greating someone.
"What up bah?"

"Ah hell, Im gring to de river to catch some fish beh!"
by I'm Country bah! April 07, 2008
used in tralee,ireland. used in conversation with another person. mainly used by chavs.
"well bah
any news 4 me bah?
martin bah!
story bah!
by ray walsh August 29, 2007
The Name Of An Awesome Person
Often Used As A Substitute To Babe
Commonly Used In The Essex And Suffolk Area
Derogative from old Suffolk Accents.
Used regularly by farmers etc
But now adopted by today's youth.
"Alright Bah?"
"Bah, Can you pass me the salt?"
by Gabrielle Rush August 09, 2007
1. When you have nothing else mature to say.
2. When you laugh at someone for doing something.
1. Bob: What is the square root of 354638364?
Fred: Bah!

2. Ed: I just lost my phone.
Adam: Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by ROUNCIVELLA March 20, 2007


1. Used to express annoyance, anger, or sadness.
2. Used to "enhance" dull sentences.
1. "BAH! I hate doing taxes!!"

2. " Bah! I like dogs, bah!"

by Lizzy September 14, 2005

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