A sycophant.
Bill is such a baglicker!
by Aunt/Aunteater January 14, 2004
Top Definition
A suckup,brownnoser,someone who will sell someone out for personal gain,commonly used as a derogatory term in the GM plants in Oshawa,Ontario.
Geez man,he is such a fuckin baglicker!
by Frank S December 28, 2005
A person that is a male suck up. ALso can be a person that is very annoying is likes to hang around the guys.
Dude, John is a bag licker.
by Anonymous April 24, 2003
simply : a male that likes to enjoy a refreshing, tasty scrotum..... ie. Steve Parkin
Stay away you bag licker, oh sorry, I thought you were Steve Parkin.
by The Babysat July 18, 2004
A piece of garbage, that sucks up to the boss by various methods such as driving him home drunk, supporting his cocaine habit, and stealing equipment from other companies to support his company. As well, the baglicker is generally a rat piece of shit who taddles on his co-workers.
McGouey is the biggest baglicker in the refinery!
by saucetomate99 July 29, 2011
Someone who licks the sweat from the underside of a guys nuts. A kiss ass, brownnoser. Also is used as a tarnsition move to the rusty trombone
Darrick is such a baglicker!
by Ruhtarded June 14, 2011
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