the scent of one's elephant trunk--absolutely repulsive; mixture of shit and gooch
Yo man, mah elephant trunk smells like bagina--I gosta wash that, Yo.
by Orje October 29, 2004
anigab backwards (anigab means long and thin fruit)
That anigab looks better as bagina.
by pro nun see A shun September 19, 2003
African american vagina
"tits boobs and bagina will be my example"
by not a racist August 28, 2003
adj: Copius amounts of the current conversational subject.
I would pay bagina dollars to fuck Britney Spears.
by Snaggletooth June 24, 2004
anything sexual
"May I play with your bagina?"
by fuzzbrain90 August 20, 2003
a woman of african decent's vagina
that is one nasty hairy bagina
by marcus March 29, 2005
the name of the kind of condom you use while fucking up the butt
Jack put on a bagina while fucking Stacy up the ass.
by fuzzbrain90 August 20, 2003
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