A word said when in distress or anger.
-AJ stubs his toe a chair- "BAGINA!"
by AJ February 06, 2003
Bag (aka scrotum) + Vagina = Bagina

1. A term used to qualify man's penis when said man likes having things shoved into his urethra.

2. Also used to refer to the person (usually connotates that the person is gay).

If you're lucky enough, you can probably find a video about this (there is one around on StileProject under the name bagina5.mpeg).
"Holy shit! That guy got a dildo shoved up his urethra!"
"Fuck! He's been graced with a bagina!"

"You're a fucking bagina!"
by VD March 19, 2004
Term used by gays to describe a vagina.
Guys have manginas, girls have baginas. Snap.
by Aaron December 29, 2003
Slang term used when fucking someone in the ass.
I took it out of her vagina and stuck it in her bagina.
by Ben Horgen November 26, 2006
1.A mans asshole.
2.When the skin seperating a womans anus and vagina is torn forming one massive hole.
1.Frank, i want to fuck you in the bagina.
2.After giving birth to a 14 pound baby , the woman was left with a gaping bagina.
by Ian McDonnell April 11, 2006
The fusion of the male and female genitalia into one superior sexual organ, or, a vagina between ur testilcles.
"I want to hump your bagina!"
by Mog August 26, 2003
An extremely insulting word, especially if used on a male.
Worse than fucking bitch. It's very offensive.
Hey Edward, you are a bagina!
by Shinnikies August 21, 2006
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