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When the value of a person's wealth get so large it makes no difference. Sometimes characterized as having as much as, or more, money than God.
Rupert Murdoch's recent sale of MySpace for over 500 million dollars only added even more money to this bagillionaire's ridiculous wealth.
by hood4u August 14, 2007
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Bagillionaire - Someone with so many fabulous handbags that you couldn't possibly count them all.

Some may call it a sickness, but a love for handbags is like a love for chocolate, it is good because it makes you happy and you can't possibly get enough or have to much!

A bagillionaire's moto? - "Everything in moderation, including moderation."
- Omg! Have you seen her cupboard? She has so many handbags!

- Don't you know, she is a total bagillionaire!
by Ze Bagillionaire June 29, 2013
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