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och aye angus - hav u heard me freestylin on ma baggies
by breadbin November 05, 2003
Clear evidence of a doom ho(u)se
Cop: Baggies; I've seen these before! Eyugayaheyui...this is evidence: evidence of...a DOOM HOUSE!!!
by Bob Johnson September 23, 2004
Those guys at the store that bag up your groceries.
I hate when the baggies squish the bread.
by jibba_bug December 14, 2006
Getting intimate while one or both of the parties is a taken male or taken female
While you're away from your woman, and you're talking to that sexy girl on the side you call her up and say "Baby I want some baggies right now..." and of course every girl wants what she can't have so she's all over it.
by HanktheTANKbaby September 24, 2007