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female douche bag
I was hoping to pick up a chick at the club but they were all bagettes so I left.
by f'ing awesome February 11, 2009
3 3
bagetts shining my wrist
by flexinton April 18, 2003
18 3
The female equivalent of a douchebag.

A girl who has a shitty attitude towards others because she's thinks she's hot shit. In reality though she's a worthless idiot and the only people who think she's cool are her baguette friends.
Kim Kardashian is the Queen of the Bagette's
by DaveDeComic December 08, 2013
0 0
to be in the cool group
Charisse and Angeline are the bagettes of t dot.
by charisse/ angeline March 27, 2003
3 10