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Bageled term mostly used in Badminton where the an opponent is shut out meaning scoring zero points.
Damn man that guy sucked so bad that I even bageled him.
by Max, D March 02, 2008
39 20
v. 1) sports term indicating that one player prevented an opponent from scoring any points; a zero, or "bagel" is thus scored.
2) a sexual euphemism.

Dude! I hear that spanish tennis pro totally bageled your sister last week. Actually, I bageled her once myself. To be honest she isn't much good.
by gnostic1 August 02, 2011
21 7
When someone promises you breakfast but doesn't deliver.
Hey Steve, where's the food we were promised for this 9am meeting?

I dunno Lee, I think we got bageled.
by Snathans January 06, 2009
4 1
A level of intensity of "high"-ness. Bageled is when you are halfway to toasted. Usually occurs after 3-4 hits.
I'm feelin pretty bageled after that last bowl.
by J, Loon November 29, 2010
6 4
drunk, inebriated, intoxiacated, shit-faced, out of your gord
the girl with the paul wellersdick got bageled at the party last night.
by paul November 27, 2003
10 14