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ball ass gangsta ass nigga
bcheck21 balla ass gangsta ass nigga, that music was some ball ass gangsta ass nigga shit bcheck 21 is a b.a.g.a.n.
by bcheck21 July 06, 2011
64 6
Adjective meaning something cannot get more hood, baller, dank, tight, cool, etc. Meaning "Baller Ass Gangster Ass Nigger."
BCheck is mackin' on dem ladies tonight. I guess that's why they call him BCheck21, B.A.G.A.N.!
by Clit Lipz September 25, 2011
57 6
The coolest teacher ever. Bald, funny, and a jolly face. Likes to act immature but is also a great person to just chat with. Works amazingly with people around the age of 12-15
"Woah! Bagan is so wicked amazing! Did you see him yesterday- awesome!"
3 1
The town with numerous Pagodas in Myanmar
Bagan is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in southeast Asia.
by Su Su March 07, 2014
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