To get someone to stop talking or leave you alone. Use as you would "shut up," "cram it," "go away," etc.
Your friends keep bringing up drama and, exasperated, you say, "Just bag it! I'm tired of your crap!" Or maybe your little brother is invading your personal space and you say, "Bag it, twerp!"
by Sagacious Squared March 24, 2009
Top Definition
Phrase used to describe a girl who has a decent body but is too ugly to face during a quicky. You would put a parer / plastic bag over her head and commence the sexin'.
Tim: See that bitch there? What about her?

Bill: Ehhh.. Bag it.
by larstait October 13, 2003
An bagit is a type of person who you don't like but he's you're best friend. A person who does something can be called an bagit, basically anyone can be a bagit. Everyone is an bagit. Its pronounced ((bā - jīt)) There is an invisible 'e' so you would say "an bagit".
Kyle: (Takes Jacks mouthpiece from his trombone)

Jack: Kyle you Bagit!
by Doggy Dank February 04, 2014
Referring to the looks of an individual when the face is ass ugly but the body is hott as hell. Phrase is usually said around parties.

Instead of engaging in intercourse with him or her and having to see there fugly face, you haul ass to the nearest grocery store and snag a plastic bag.(Hy-Vee bags are most commonly used in todays society)

Right before the fun starts, pull the bag over his/her head and let the fun begin.
Tim - " Look at that chicks ass! "
*Girl turns around reveling the second ugliest thing you have ever seen right behind Brittany Spears pregnant "
Tim - "Eh, I'd bag it"
by Oscifer May 12, 2008
The urge of doing a hot chick with a horrible face.
solution: we put a bag over it to conceal the hiddeous thing.
Dude A: What?? you're gonna screw Ann?? whats wrong with you???
Dude B: nah man, its all cool...I got the plastic bag ready. totally gonna bag it!
by theb0mbers4ever September 19, 2009
To put a tedious or impossible hacking or repair project away for another day. The term probably comes from the idea of putting all the taken-apart pieces into a paper bag.
I've spent all day taking this apart and now I've had it; I'm just gonna bag it.
by BillyBuggy October 26, 2015
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