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a straight guy that has sex with other guys for a bag of meth in return.
mark is a bag fag. he has a girlfriend, but i heard he fucked john for dope.
by factories February 17, 2006
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a dude carrying around his girlfriend's purse for her
a dude carrying around his girlfriend's purse for her, for example at a mall while she is shopping, hence bag fag
by suffeks September 11, 2011
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a person that carries his/her frisbie discs in a bag made specifically for the purpose
that guy must be a pro, he's a bag fag. Must have lots of discs having to use a bag
by Samson March 06, 2005
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A guy who wears his bag into town and instantly gets raped
Hey look at Dean Oh he is such a bagfag
by Logitech keyboard December 07, 2016
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