<i>vt.</i> Short for douchebag.
Christ Maggie, you're such a bag.


Bobby, stop being a bag or go home.
by Todd April 21, 2005
A 65 BPM song on DDR. The catch is, the arrows are extremely hard to read. Never play this song on anything above 1x scrolls peed and call it an accomplishment.
If Bag could be played on 1/4 scroll speed I'd do just that.
by dj gs68 May 18, 2003
Small ammount of marijuana

see "sack"
Did John ever pickup a bag last night?
by skrilla February 15, 2003
you gotta wear a bag
by F OFF May 14, 2002
to kill/shoot someone, causing them to end up in a body bag
"bag that fool !"
by hunterelf October 02, 2010
A mix between a bitch and a fag
Josiah: im not gay (starts to cry) quit being mean to me
Dillon: He is such a bag.
by Bear243 July 22, 2010
Said slowly and clearly, "Bag" can replace any similar sounding word. You can also use your body language to make it mean anything.
Driving drunk was a very bag decision
by Absurd Berg April 18, 2010

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