it like another way to ask a girl or a boy to have sex.
boy holla at a girl.
girl holla back.
boy said can i bag that?
girl said ewww or hella yea.
by Pookie boo May 13, 2005
Used as a substitute for the word weed or pot around adults.
Mom: Hi Johnny how was your day at school?
Johnny: Good.
Bicycling Paperboy: Hey, Johnny.
Johnny: You still owe me that bag!!!
by Tyler Vicious July 10, 2008
Another name for the scrotum.
I am going to do a little bag whacking to that picture of Hillary Duff.
by Pat from Moonachie February 22, 2005
1-Some ones school bag
2-Someones shite bag
3-A plastic bag
1-"Lol look at that suckers school bag"
2-"-fart-Ops My bag"
3-"wtf u gotta buy lidls plastic carrier bags!"
by Fez October 14, 2004
1. the scrotum

2. a condom

3. an envelope of illegal drugs

4. a woman's breast

5. to get

6. to arrest

7. to break into a place with the intention of secretly investigating something

8. to criticize someone
After masturbating excessively for so long, he had a wrinkled bag.
by The Return of Light Joker April 20, 2009
the thing you pull random shit out of
yo, she has a bag with everything in it
by Crud May 17, 2007
1. Someone's preference or way of doing something

2. The lifestyle of an individual
Tyler wanted to go jump that queer but I felt sorry for him cuz that's not my bag.
by Jer November 30, 2003
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