To pull down someone's boxers in the locker room.
Haha! You got BAGGED!
by Flameboyredo July 12, 2008
BAG (noun) Big Ass Gun. Any big gun on a first person shooter.
That douche bag killed me with his BAG
by Alex Wagner March 15, 2008
An acronym standing for Big Ass Girl, used to describe a female with a large booty.
"Damn! Look at the badonka donk on dat bitch! She's a BAG!"
by DanteDaGangsta March 14, 2008
When nearing the end of a bag of chips, gather all the remaining crumbs into a corner of the bag and dumping them into your mouth all at once finishing the bag.
Player 1: Hey man got any of those chips left?
Player 2: Naw man i just bagged it, theyre gone.
by Swampus March 02, 2008
busting a gut. meaning, you're laughing your ass off.
albert: dammittt i just ripped my pants.
julia: hahahaha BAG, dude!
by abird August 12, 2007
Someone who is a fallower, annoying, immachure, and trys way to hard to impress others or fit in.
Maggie was a bag when she encoureged Sara to be a bitch to people.
by |<*!@ May 07, 2007
to run up on some one and stick your shirt over their head
yo i just jumped off a table and bagged erik!
by weeeeeeeee! March 26, 2007

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