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originating from the game of tag, where several parties (generaly male) flick each others testicles with their hands without intent to injure, but to send an unpleasant twinge to the other person's testicles.
"bag tag you're it!"
by DUDEMAN September 02, 2004
A slapping of the nutsack.
I'd like to bagtag Leonardo De caprio, cause he's an assmonger.
by Classik March 20, 2003
A back handed smack to the scrotum of another man (also known as "sacking"). Often resulting in a "tag war" where two men will bag tag each other multiple times in an effort to take take one's adversary by surprise. A tag war can be ended with a sacking/tagging truss.
Guy 1: What's wrong dude?

Guy 2: My sack is black and blue from the tag war between me and my friend.

Guy 1: Just make a sacking truss and you can stop getting "Bag Tagged"
by Tagenstein November 27, 2011
A game played by a group of males (this is a male only game), that is similar to conventional TAG. The only difference is that you are only allowed to tag an individual in the testicular area of the body. The only major rules are that you are not allowed to Tag the butcher ( BUTCHER - the person who has just tagged you), and there is no full out kicks or punches, only tags and "flicks"
The guys on the football team where playing a game of Bag - Tag when i got to the party.
by Stu Kerr May 14, 2006
To hit one in the chin with a pair of testicles. One step up from the "T-Bag", and with a more hazerdous outcome to the victim. Often leaving a bruise on the chin. Followed by an echoing "pung" sound.
Sally wouldn't give it up so I had to Bagtag that chin.
by marshel July 12, 2007
When someone hits someone else in the bag and yells bag tag.Also look up sack attack
John sup.......Bag Tag!
by Kenny Myers September 16, 2006
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