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When three or more guys share a condom, and the girl slurps the collective jizz down.
"I didn't believe her when she said that's what she wanted, but Crash begged for a bag lunch. I'm just glad I was the first with the condom, I don't want the AIDS."
by Ill-tempered Pirate November 06, 2007
When a man is forced to ejaculate into a paper bag to avoid mess and cleanup in times of duress or in a college dormitory.
"I had to bag lunch it yesterday because we weren't sure when her roommate was coming back."
by I AM A PIMP September 04, 2004
Usually for the kids (in school), if they don't buy a lunch at the school for almost $2.00, and it's not crap, then it's a bagged lunch. It can be in one of those brown paper bags... or in a lunch box: a hard one (I'm not talking "horny" you sick bastards), or a soft one.
"I had my Mom pack me a bag lunch," said Jimmy, "I didn't wanna put up with the crap they serve in the cafeteria again..."
by Elizabeth September 06, 2004
Euphemism for booze of any variety
"Gee, biotch, how about some bag lunch?"
"What are we having today? Bag lunch!"
by Goatsnuzz June 04, 2004