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really funny to say. go ahead, say it. see what i mean??

(adj.) meaning psycho, crazy, insane, whack, ect.
(adj.) awesome
(n.) a last name or nickname - people included in this are most likely pretty awesome.

(adj.) you're so baffa! thats so baffa!
(n.) hey there, baffa! (:
#baffamonster #crazy #funny #name #nickname #psycho #insane
by nikkkkiiii l August 11, 2008
A nickname for a best friend of many years. A person named Baffa usually has a nice buttox.
You are my baffa. I love you baffa. Whattup Baffa!
#baffa #baff #best friend #friends #friendship
by galorium February 14, 2009
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