chunk in tha trunk, shit u saddle up and ride, a ghetto ass, a round voracious booty
damn she got a badonkadonk
by Iron_flag36 July 16, 2005
An exceptionally rotund ass. See also "ghetto booty."
"Keep ya eyes on my badonkadonk-donk..." - Missy Elliot 'Work It'
by Lauren March 24, 2004
A big ol booty!
Jon- I think Alexa has a great personality and a great bodankadonk

Matt- What's a badonkadonk?

Jon- A big butt!!
by sexyandiknowit11 January 18, 2012
somethin to set your mug on.
What is a badonkadonk? Man thats some junk in the trunk, somethin to set your mug on.
by mike jones 615 February 25, 2009
This would be a large butt or booty. Has been misspelled on this website by the "urban" MTV cultured viewers. Has root in refering to a butt that would be likened to a donkey's behind, meaning that it sticks out quite a ways. Should only be used in context of describing a females abnormally large butt.
Did you see that girl who walked by? She had a badonkadonk! Damn that was a big booty
by Nate Corbett March 06, 2006
n.) a girl with a fat ass
Her badonkadonk was simply just too much flesh on the backside for the prep boys to handle
by ghettogirlz May 19, 2005
The affectionately named "Junk in Da Trunk" said on shows such as the Chappelles show. Reffers to a humongous ass ona woman
Man that girl has quite a big ass
by Joe March 20, 2005
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