Nice plump juicy ASS
"OOh, that's junk in the trunk"
by Amuckone May 01, 2004
"junk in the trunk"
"a rear-end that you saddle up and ride"
"a big fat ass"
"ohhhh that bitch has one fine badonkadonk"
by Wee man March 26, 2004
An exceptionally rotund ass. See also "ghetto booty."
"Keep ya eyes on my badonkadonk-donk..." - Missy Elliot 'Work It'
by Lauren March 24, 2004
n: MMMmmmhmmm, das junk in da trunk!
Park yo' car, smell dat funk, cuz dat girl had a super-fine badonkadonk!
by Urbane March 04, 2004
the word certin peple use to call a braazilian butt or like a very flattt or huge asss.
WOAH! Girl, your badonkadonk is SO flat!

Not as flat as that brazilians badonkadonk over ther!
by nota devogirl December 24, 2011
Thats junk in the trunk. It when u put your hood up and u saddle up and ride. Dave chappelle refers to this phrase when explaining a "ghetto booty". A ghetto booty is the massive ass on a black women that gives u more cushion for the pushing during sexual intercourse.
Damn, that bitch's ba-donka-donk could smush a nigga in the bed.
by gangster March 13, 2005
a ghetto Butt.
Look at her badonkadonk!
by Robbie June 03, 2004

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