Used to describe exceptional female buttocks. Most notable badonkadonks are located on black and hispanic women. The depth of the ass crack has to be quite deep in order for the term to be true. These sorts of asses attract men of all shapes and sizes, be sure to snap a photo whenever one is in the vicinity, for these are quite rare around the world.
Ex 1:

Guy 1: "Have you seen the size of that ass?"
Guy 2: "Bro, she's got a badonkadonk!"
Guy 1: "This is very true dude"

Ex 2:

Vanity The 8th Wonder has a very big badonkadonk.
by kikitheking December 15, 2010
an extremely large and lustful back-side of a woman
Becky's badonkadonk gave me a throbbing boner and made me want to make love to a double cheeseburger while listening to kenny chesney. peace homie.
by Pizza Thompson November 11, 2005
chunk in tha trunk, shit u saddle up and ride, a ghetto ass, a round voracious booty
damn she got a badonkadonk
by Iron_flag36 July 16, 2005
A fat ass, big booty.
Yo Beyonce got a badonkadonk!
by Jason Williams jr November 19, 2003
A big ol booty!
Jon- I think Alexa has a great personality and a great bodankadonk

Matt- What's a badonkadonk?

Jon- A big butt!!
by sexyandiknowit11 January 18, 2012
badonkadonk -booty-backside-buns
I saw this fine looking girl at the club shaking her badonkadonk.
by TXPANTYSNATCHER January 06, 2011
n.) a girl with a fat ass
Her badonkadonk was simply just too much flesh on the backside for the prep boys to handle
by ghettogirlz May 19, 2005

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