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When a female has a huge ass, i'm not talking about a weak, scrwany, undernourished anerexic ass, i'm talking about a big, fat, jiggly, round booty.
IT got it's name, by mimicking the sound an ass makes from a distance (when you check one go by, in slow motion, it goes, Badonk-a-donk).
Damn Yo, that quite possibly is the biggest ass i've ever seen, that's not just an ass, thats a badonkadonk, i want a piece of that.
by Erectus Maximus April 03, 2004
1. n. Large, curvacious behind.

2. n. The Badonkadonk, also known as the JL421 Badonkadonk, or just called "The Donk" is a land vehicle and "battle tank" created by NAO Design. (cite Wikipedia)

Also spelled badunkadunk.
1. Ninja has a nice badonkadonk.

2. The army may have the Badonkadonk, but Ninja has a better one.
by vlaid October 13, 2006
Something you put your mug up on, you saddle up and ride, an ass.
Dave Chapplle: What is A "Badonkadonk"?
Lady Cop: are you talking about my butt? umm
Dave: that is correct
Dave Chappelle: What is A "Badonkadonk"?
Asian Grocery Store man: Um a big penis?
Dave Chappelle: im sorry thats incorrect.
by ToddFather June 27, 2006
1. adj. a large, rotund booty

2. n. the sound made by a health smack on a large, rotund booty.
Ah! Ah! *smack* badonkadonk.
by miss muffin July 11, 2003
an extremely curvaceous female behind
Oh, look, what a ba-donka-donk!
by symons October 16, 2010
A Fuckablly Fat Ass.
Damn, that girl has a Badonkadonk!
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
A booty that make you say "DAMMMMMMN". Booty so big each cheek be bouncin when the ho walk.
That girl got badonkadonk
by JCPhoreal July 26, 2003