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Ussually used to describe either amazing tits or booty.
Dude, check out that chicks badonkadonks!
by fatcat16 May 27, 2006
1. nice booty
2. big booty
don't mix em up a big ass isn't always good if your friends talking about a LARGE lady its not positive.
Origin: she got a donk
Dam thats one ba donk a donk
Gonna get me some of that ba donk a donk
by Modern Day PDidy August 04, 2009
Large, well-formed ass on a woman, the proud owners usually being black and Hispanic girls.
Vida Guerra's FHM shoot has shown why she gives J-Ho's ass a run for its money.
by CaptainMarvel March 22, 2004
An amazingly large buttocks with exceptional bounce and shape. Particularly found on African American, Latino, and German/Irish women.

Known to bring tears to men's eyes. May also cause traffic accidents and random male harassment.
Whoa! Sminks has a badonkadonk!
by The Book of Revelations January 28, 2010
aw man, that's junk in the truck
Wow, would you look at her badonkadonk.
by hinklefinkledinkledo May 11, 2006
See: J-Lo's backside
Damn, that Tara has a BADONKADONK
by DanTheMizan March 07, 2006
A massive ass on a small woman.
That badonkadonk is fuckin' huge, man!
by D_X_L May 04, 2007