Referred to as having a big booty. Or a real fat @$$ a.k.a apple bottom.
"And think you can handle this ba-donka-donk donk!" - Missy Elliot "Work It"
by Don't worry bout it biotch! August 10, 2004
a thick delicous booty that giggles like jello if it moves a tiny bit and it makes even gay guys drewl at the sight of it
j-lo has a badonkadonk
by john December 03, 2003
an extra extra nice ass, bubble butt or hot booty
a guy sees a girl walk past who has an extra fine ass and says to his mate
guy-"i wouldn't mind putting my thumb in that"
mate-"yeah thats what i call a badonkadonk"
by hendelicious April 03, 2006
A womens derriere that has the shape of, and bounces like a basketball. The word is derived from the sound produced when you bounce a basketball. A case of the sound of one urban icon, naming another urban icon with similar propensities but that doesn't really make a sound.
Nice badonkadonk sista!
by maddmatt February 13, 2006
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