a bodonka donk, is a big azz. usually a african american woman or latina.
buzz: wow look at her big azz, its the shiznit.

will: yeah, she got a badonka donk
by BLKBARBIE July 25, 2005
Voluptuous ass.
Damn, check out the badonkadonk on J-Lo.
by mr.sleepy September 12, 2003
amazing bootie...so much that when she walks it looks like it is trying to talk to you, or or trying to get out of them pants
Daaaaamnn! mommie got ba-donka-donk!
by tha professor November 19, 2003
Badonkadonk (adjective) - a term used to describe buttocks of exceptional quality and bounce
damn look at that fiiiine badonka donk DONK
by adg January 15, 2004
When the immense, rounded muscle tissue of the rear creates a sound wave ripping through the local environment making a pressure wave against the ear drum in a pleasing Ba-dOnk-a-dOnk rhythm.
Dr. Whitey, did you happen to notice that "badonkadonk" on your secretary?
by Dr. Whitey March 12, 2004
(noun) A large and formidable posterior
Denise does not need a car, she can bounce home on her badonkadonk.
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
to have or posess that certain magic shizzle in the booty-izzle.
"I'm hypnotized cuz somebody's got that bo-donk-a-donk!"
by greg beast March 06, 2003

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