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A female's backside that is so mouth-wateringly delicious you find yourself masturbating to the image of it night after countless night; Is the ultimately highest compliment a woman's backside can recieve.
I'd like to jump into that girl's badonkadonk
by nigga May 21, 2003
950 606
A large and shapely female behind, especially one that bounces or jiggles.

Popularized by Tracy Morgan's Spoonie Love character on Comedy Central's prank-call show "Crank Yankers."
In an interview in King, a black men's magazine, slender R&B singer Brandy said, "I think my booty could be bigger. Just a little more badonkadonk, and then I would be good."
by David L. Duncan September 05, 2004
547 343
a noun or adjective relating to a woman's pleasantly round ass.
noun: check out that girl's ba-donka-donk.
adjective: she's got a ba-donka-donk ass.
by elizabeth November 04, 2003
225 87
a large ass or boody. a nice big ass.
Dam! that girl has got a ba donka donk!
by Meatball Turtle August 06, 2006
184 63
A woman's backside that is sooo nice, just looking at it makes you go sprang.
wow did you see that badoonkadonk on that girl, that is junk in the trunk
by lemmerman May 03, 2004
249 139
a fine, delicious ass
Goodness Gracious, Lord All Mighty, THAT GIRL GOT A BAH-DONK-A-DONK!
by kitty August 17, 2003
183 104
1. An ass whose curvature is so intense that you can rest your beer on it.
2. A pair of buttocks so spherical that scientists could calibrate their instruments with them.
She had such a ba-donka-donk, I didn't know if I should rest my beer on it or calibrate my "instrument".
by Dr. Poon Tang, Ph.D. December 25, 2007
146 68