A milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard.
Damn! Your girl got a badonkadonk!
by anonnymous April 28, 2004
state of having "10 lbs. of groceries in a 7 lbs. bag".
honey's got outrageous badonkadonk.
by bcab August 08, 2003
Adjective. Full, well-rounded, sexy.
She gotta have a badoinkadoink ass!
(Quote from Spoony Luv)
by Danny April 25, 2003
thats chunk in the trunk
my badonkadonk go boom
by Joe March 11, 2004
Noun: phat, round ass.
The term came from that black dude on SNL.
Damn, check the badonkadonk ass on that bitch.
by Paul Wall. May 10, 2003
What you put your mug on
Johnny's bitch got a badonkadonk.
by Failure_By_Design July 09, 2005
Junk in the trunk.
Commonly known as the ass.
"Black community" says this word.
"She has a ba-donk-a donk! @SS"
by Candice R. May 27, 2005

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