A woman's rear end which happens to be so big that when she walks and extends her right leg, her left butt-cheek bounces off the ground creating a sound similar to "badonk" and is then followed by a louder "adonk" when left leg extends and gives way to the right butt-cheek.
As the woman strolled down the street one could hear "badonk.. .adonk.. .badonk.. .adonk. ..badonkadonk."
by buckeyeMT September 18, 2006
Possibly the lamest synonym for 'booty' in the history of lame synonyms for 'booty.' Another example of someone trying to start a catchphrase and failing miserably.
"Say what?"
by 7620 August 29, 2005
1) See Guthrie's Ass
Oh my word! Guthrie has a Badonkadonk!
by supremecourtier March 11, 2005
A strange and wonderful vehicle designed by NAO and available on Amazon, as well as directly from NAO.
My Badonkadonk is out of gas.
by luc kojio August 19, 2006
an unusually large ass, when it walks, it goes ba-donk-a-donk
Im a white girl so i dont have a badonkadonk
by holyroman April 19, 2005
a woman with a fat ass
that bitch got a badonkadonk
by david gizzzac December 27, 2005
A milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard.
Damn! Your girl got a badonkadonk!
by anonnymous April 28, 2004

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