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1. aching muscular pain in the right butt cheak if you're right handed or the left butt cheak if you're left handed. This pain is a direct result of playing badminton. Most often felt after a long tournament, or when getting into "badminton shape." Associated with the many lunges a badminton player does to reach the shuttle before it hits the floor. Someone with badminton butt often has difficulties walking down flights of stairs.

2. A large, athletic, tight round bubble butt that sticks out on a female badminton player that is often desired.
1. coworker: "why are you limping?" badminton player: "Oh, I have a severe case of badminton butt from my tournament this weekend! I can barely walk!"

2. male 1: "Damn that girl has the nicest ass!"
male 2: "That's cuz she has badminton butt. All the girls on the team have it!"
by badmintonplayer October 25, 2005
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