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the opposite of budunkadunk
it means you have a small ass
also see dinky
badinkadink- u need a small dick to put in that ass
badunkadunk- any size dick would fit but a huge one is preferable
damn that gurl got a badinkadink, too bad its not a budunkadunk i would "dog" her all night.
by Kayla May 04, 2004
since badunkadunk is a big booty, badinkadink is a small booty.
Damn, that girl's badinkadink ain't no comparison to my girl's badunkadunk!
by babygurl69 May 04, 2004
A small, usually cute, rear end on a female. Ant. ba dunk-a-dunk
She's got a little tattoo to go on her ba dink-a-dink
by teeny July 06, 2004
Tiny little white girl butt. Can be mistaken for a wall. Opposite of badonkadonk.
That cute white girl is trying to shake her badinkadink.
by tinywhitegirl November 12, 2011
Badinkadink is a sarcastic sound usually made by a friend when you wimp out on asking a girl out. the sound is suppost to represent a pair of balls (most likely yours) dropping to the ground and bouncing away
Sam: did you ask her?
Troy: No man i was warming up and she left?
Raymond: BaDinkADink! OOOOOOHHHHHH!
Troy: Shut the FUCK Up Raymond!
by PyroSam14 May 04, 2004
a girls rear end...often ment as a complement. can be shortened to donkey
look at that badinkadink
by pimp May 04, 2004