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very fashionable and/or always stylish.
all eyes on you.
oh yea! she real badd wit dat betsey johnson bag.
by riichy December 19, 2007
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awesome, cool...truly good
by Chuck M. December 09, 2004
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Badd As In Tight,Cool.
The Word ''Badd'' Is Usually used by hispanic people.
Ay Homie Chicano Rap Is Badd!!!

Aye Ese That Lowrider Looks Badd!!

Ay Homie Have You Seen The Ps3? It Looks Badd!!

Ay Homie Have You Seen That Gold Ak-47, It Looks Badd!!
by Mr.Sicc One January 29, 2008
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have you seen the b.a.d.d lately?
what's the b.a.d.d?
the Big Ass Donkey Dick........
by Dino June 16, 2003
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DAD: Your mother is B.A.D.D.
SON: That's not possible ! How does she defy nature like that.
DAD: No man has figured it out yet---but we are repeatedly told it's our fault.
SON: When I get old--- like you---I'll cure this
DAD: I remember when I knew it all too---then I meet your mother.
by Bandito Bodyman March 07, 2014
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