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The current state of being badass.
She was a master of badassery.
by The Only Strider June 01, 2014
To move from badass, to super badass. The practice of being a mutherfuxin BADASS
Jess is going to firefighting and EMT school to study Badassery
by Badassery February 06, 2014
A noun form of "badass." Comparable to "Badassitute" or "badassedness." Popularized on the March 18 2012 Episode of "Talking Dead."
What do you think about Andrea's badassery?
I think its badass!
by Samthescott March 18, 2012
It's a bar that goes up/down to what you do that's real & raw.
Girl Friend - "You just jump off the top of your roof, that soooo.. increase your Bad-Assery"
by #yeah March 18, 2012
The action of being a badass
Rambo shows his badassery by killing people.
by Talking Dead March 18, 2012
describes a person or situation that is of the up most level of cool or excitement.
Gerard Butler's performance in the movie "300" was nothing short of badassery.
by CLock311 February 23, 2010
the act of being badass
Olivia Friddle is a prime example of badassery!!!
by pseudonymenous April 01, 2009