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The quality of being badass, or held in high regard.
Serial Experiments: Lain has much badassery! It's probably the best anime ever!
by Taobeth December 03, 2003
46 43
Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.
Did you see that badassery? He just took down a whole battalion with nothing but his hands!
by sgtpepper727 October 24, 2007
446 61
of or having qualities of "badass"
I was amazed by Mauds flagrant badassery
by retro083 December 07, 2003
344 163
Queen's Engineers
Guy 1: So where are u going for uni?
Guy 2: Queen's
Guy 1: What are you taking?
Guy 2 Bad Assery
Guy1 : Queen's Engineering is a good program, good luck!
by god be i August 08, 2010
52 24
The act of perpetuating/partaking in bad-ass behavior.
Zell Miller has redefined bad assery.
by Mister Man the Guy September 23, 2004
50 26
The act of being a complete and total bad-ass.
Hugo Stiglitz exemplifies so much badassery it's ridiculous.
by Embassador of Badassery November 15, 2010
40 20
Badassery is the effects of your bad ass decisions.
I'm earning my PhD in badassery. My dissertation? "The Effects of My Fist on Your Face: Justified Violence in the Early Twenty-First Century, You Cuntmuffin.
by pocket venus March 22, 2010
37 24
A gauge on the amount of badass in a person.
Wow, Louis's badassery is really off the charts, he just out-badassed even himself.
by Zabadee May 31, 2005
57 46