Frank Sinatra will bust a badass cap in your ass.
by MaddiMaddi February 29, 2008
A person who is the best at everything.
Out of everyone I know, Kaddy is the most badass.
by Anon E Moose. January 04, 2008
There are those who try to define badass.

And there are those who are.

Like me. Not like the male american shits on this site who like to think they are.
She is such a badass... it's like she's not even trying.

No shit. How can you be badass if you're trying to be badass?
by LeetheGirl November 30, 2010
Bear Grylls
Remeber when Bear Grylls killed a Snake with a rock and then ate it/ Went swimming in the arctic, Skydiving into the ocean out of a helicopter/ Slept inside a dead camel/ (any and everything done in an episode of Man Vs. Wild)That was fucking Bad ass

Bad Ass=Bear Grylls
by Yoa123456789 August 12, 2010
someone who kicks ass and chews bubble gum.
Jesse is wickedly cool and bad ass, I hope she shares some gum
by 0))))) August 12, 2009
Tony Almeida, from the TV series 24.
Did you see Tony give that badass look to that terrorist before killed him last night on 24, that was totally badass. Tony's so badass, dude.
by DippDippDipp February 04, 2009
Cool, Rebellious people that have the tendency to make puns or other jokes.

Also said when something kickass, awesome, or cool has been done.
Korey and Amanda are a badass couple.
by Ginseng! August 25, 2008

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