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1.Totally fucking boss
2.So sweet you'd cream your jeans
3.Eddie Murphy wearing Zog's armor from Breath of Fire 1, holding a snake pimp-cane with a sword in it and also holding a sock full of quarters, and having a harpy eagle perched on his shoulder
by Truest-Chaos April 03, 2003
53 59
used typically as a compliment, bad ass refers to one who is very much liked. One who typically doesn't care, are themselves - real, authentic, ballsy. Has a "I don't give a f... attitude"

Adj. awesome, outstanding
Kristen Stewart is the epitome of a bad ass.
by ksbitchface January 24, 2010
15 22
One single name: Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, from the X-Men. He's good at everything he does, and he does it with style.
After kicking that guy's ass, Remy just tossed away the cigarette butt, jumped on his bike and took off. He's such a badass.
by Roguey August 10, 2008
4 11
Very liked. Referred to as cool. Not referred to as a nerd, dweeb, or loser. willing to do many risky things.
"kelsey told carrie she was a badass for storing alchahol in her dirty laundry to hide it from her parents" "ashley was a badass when she was bookin down the road on a golfcart. she went really fast"
by fudgesundaepoptart March 20, 2008
2 9
someone who has over 100 screenshots of the time 12:34 on their phone
Mollie: I have 102 screenshots of "12:34" on my phone i'm such a badass
by djscro June 22, 2011
1 9
Momo. No other definition needed.
You're so badass it's blinding!
by Anonymous______ July 10, 2008
4 12
One with very large ego. Allows them to be direct and efficient in all they do. Also allows for a disregard to the standards of others, resulting in a personal code thats badass. Additionaly, one who disregards power in numbers and will often kick the shit out of multiple lesser opponets who are caught defiling this personal code. (a trash talker, women beater, dis honering family, ect.) They are often quite but out spoken as what they say is direct, wise, and simple. one who dosnt need to pretend to be badass because they just are, and they know it. However badasses gain power with into music.
Couple of guys say: Your girls pretty hot, how much you want for her.
Badass says:
Procedes to beat their asses.

Group of black guys say: wazup my craka
Single White Badass says: nuttin much my nigga's
Black guys: mutha f...
Suddenly Drowning Pools song 'bodies' starts to play
White guy beats all their asses

Group of guys stalk girl
Group of guys say: Hey baby wasu...
Badass Girl kicks thme all in the nuts and while doubled over she propmtly bull dogs them into the cement.... two at a time.

The Dukes of hazard are badasses, Alice from resident evil is a badass, the punisher is a badass, bruce lee is a badass, Ash from army of darkness is a badass.
by Pyros June 16, 2006
91 99