someone who kicks ass and chews bubble gum.
Jesse is wickedly cool and bad ass, I hope she shares some gum
by 0))))) August 12, 2009
Tony Almeida, from the TV series 24.
Did you see Tony give that badass look to that terrorist before killed him last night on 24, that was totally badass. Tony's so badass, dude.
by DippDippDipp February 04, 2009
Cool, Rebellious people that have the tendency to make puns or other jokes.

Also said when something kickass, awesome, or cool has been done.
Korey and Amanda are a badass couple.
by Ginseng! August 25, 2008
Not doing things half assed.

If your going to do something, do it right. If your going to wreck your dirtbike, do it right...break an ankle or something.
Boy: "I broke my ankle and wrist."

Girl: "OMG How??"

Boy: "I wrecked my dirtbike while doing a 30 foot jump."

Girl: "Why were you doing that??"

Boy: "Cause Im a badass baby. If I do something, I do it right."
by Rakal July 19, 2008
One single name: Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, from the X-Men. He's good at everything he does, and he does it with style.
After kicking that guy's ass, Remy just tossed away the cigarette butt, jumped on his bike and took off. He's such a badass.
by Roguey August 10, 2008
Very liked. Referred to as cool. Not referred to as a nerd, dweeb, or loser. willing to do many risky things.
"kelsey told carrie she was a badass for storing alchahol in her dirty laundry to hide it from her parents" "ashley was a badass when she was bookin down the road on a golfcart. she went really fast"
by fudgesundaepoptart March 20, 2008
someone who has over 100 screenshots of the time 12:34 on their phone
Mollie: I have 102 screenshots of "12:34" on my phone i'm such a badass
by djscro June 22, 2011

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