A painful medical condition, characterized by inflammation and swelling in the anus or rectum, such as hemorrhoids--also rectal inch. This condition is known to give someone painful flatulence.
I was sitting on the toilet for longer than usual, suffering from a painful case of badass.
by Schmorgel March 11, 2008
Bear Grylls
Remeber when Bear Grylls killed a Snake with a rock and then ate it/ Went swimming in the arctic, Skydiving into the ocean out of a helicopter/ Slept inside a dead camel/ (any and everything done in an episode of Man Vs. Wild)That was fucking Bad ass

Bad Ass=Bear Grylls
by Yoa123456789 August 12, 2010
Frank Sinatra will bust a badass cap in your ass.
by MaddiMaddi February 29, 2008
A person who is the best at everything.
Out of everyone I know, Kaddy is the most badass.
by Anon E Moose. January 04, 2008
1.Totally fucking boss
2.So sweet you'd cream your jeans
3.Eddie Murphy wearing Zog's armor from Breath of Fire 1, holding a snake pimp-cane with a sword in it and also holding a sock full of quarters, and having a harpy eagle perched on his shoulder
by Truest-Chaos April 03, 2003
There are those who try to define badass.

And there are those who are.

Like me. Not like the male american shits on this site who like to think they are.
She is such a badass... it's like she's not even trying.

No shit. How can you be badass if you're trying to be badass?
by LeetheGirl November 30, 2010
used typically as a compliment, bad ass refers to one who is very much liked. One who typically doesn't care, are themselves - real, authentic, ballsy. Has a "I don't give a f... attitude"

Adj. awesome, outstanding
Kristen Stewart is the epitome of a bad ass.
by ksbitchface January 24, 2010

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