Lauren and Colin
Lauren and Colin are such badasses.
by im_white October 04, 2012
Tower Tycoon Alfred
"Tower Tycoon Alfred is the true definition of a badass! :D"-Officer "Looker"
by Tower Tycoon Alfred January 10, 2012
used typically as a compliment, bad ass refers to one who is very much liked. One who typically doesn't care, are themselves - real, authentic, ballsy. Has a "I don't give a f... attitude"

Adj. awesome, outstanding
Kristen Stewart is the epitome of a bad ass.
by ksbitchface January 24, 2010
A painful medical condition, characterized by inflammation and swelling in the anus or rectum, such as hemorrhoids--also rectal inch. This condition is known to give someone painful flatulence.
I was sitting on the toilet for longer than usual, suffering from a painful case of badass.
by Schmorgel March 11, 2008
Bear Grylls
Remeber when Bear Grylls killed a Snake with a rock and then ate it/ Went swimming in the arctic, Skydiving into the ocean out of a helicopter/ Slept inside a dead camel/ (any and everything done in an episode of Man Vs. Wild)That was fucking Bad ass

Bad Ass=Bear Grylls
by Yoa123456789 August 12, 2010
Frank Sinatra will bust a badass cap in your ass.
by MaddiMaddi February 29, 2008
A person who is the best at everything.
Out of everyone I know, Kaddy is the most badass.
by Anon E Moose. January 04, 2008

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