Looking cool with the least amount of effort.
Person 1: Did you see how effortlessly Tommy did that 720 on his skateboard?
Person 2: Yeah. He's REALLY badass.
by DarkSwitch_Alchemist December 16, 2014
There are many kinds of badasses. A badass can be a good guy or a bad guy, a man or a woman, a brawler or an acrobat. One of the main traits of a badass is the ability to kick lots of ass. However, being able to kick ass does not make you a badass. Badass is a frame of mind. A badass gets shit done, and does it in a really cool way. Badasses take down anyone who crosses them without even thinking about it. The only thing that can stop a badass from reaching his or her goal is death, but some badasses don't even let death stop them. A badass generally lets his or her actions speak for themselves. Badasses live by their own rules.
"Did you see that? He just killed all of those ninjas without breaking a sweat."
"Yeah, he's badass."
by Mr. Weapons April 24, 2012
Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.
See that badass over there with the crowbar kicking everyone's ass?
by Codybean1 November 13, 2010
Just One Word. Chuck Norris
Badass: Chuck Norris
by andrewlast March 24, 2006
A badass is someone so sexy it hurts to look at them directly
Damn, did you see how hot Darlene looks today? She's such a badass
by abadass72 January 14, 2013
Generally meaning a male who does things perceived by the world as cool or awesome. Can also be used as an adjective for similar effect.

Unbeknownst to most, the original meaning of badass came from the one and 'Kboss' where all meanings of badass came from. His kidney-stealing antics have given him world wide renown as a badass.
Did you see Rob getting arrested?
Yeah, he was totally being badass!
by alxwill October 05, 2011
Force to be reckoned with. When he comes into a room Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger will come on. Simply a really fucking cool dude.
Chuck Norris; Dirty Harry; Nev Schulman = Badass
by TravellingTrotter August 06, 2014

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