n. 1. A title assigned to someone who consistently displays bad ass (fearless, authentic, compassionate, ethical) behavior, even--and most especially--when no one is watching. Antonym--Anyone assigning himself/herself the title of bad ass.
I wonder if Justin Timberlake is a full-time bad ass or was just having a good day when he decided to take one of his fans to the Marine Corp Ball. I'm leaning towards full-time bad ass.
by Aspiring Bad Ass November 20, 2011
The meaning of the kind of person who lives his life in action, takes chances, never gives up his goals, is high on self esteem and prone to Ill-advised actions that not so badass people wouldn't be capable of doing, such as walking in front of an explosion, defeating multiple opponoments, eating a dose of extremly spicy chilli without screaming or shedding a tear, jumping in front of a bullet risking to get shot to save someone's life, having a witty sense of humor in an extreme situation, becomming the ruler of a whole country. The truth about a Badass is, that he just looks cool in everything he does without trying too hard (or trying at all). Note that just because a person doesn't do ALL the things i've mentioned, doesn't mean that they're not a badass. A person can be a Badass even if it's only 2 of the things listed. A real badass doesn't try impress people to fit in with others, he is who he is, and if he's gonna change something about himself, he's not going to do it for other people. Badasses do not brag unless they can actually back it up.

A badass generally shows respect for people who are nice to them in return, but never let's someone talk down to them or judge them. He doesn't care what you think of him, as long as you respect him.
Knuckles the Echidna, Han Sing, Mojo Jojo, Raven (Teen Titans), Neo, Juels and Butch (Pulp Fiction), Johnny Klebitz, Tommy Vercetti, Keisuke Miyagi
(Real Life)
Stone Cold, Samuel L. Jackson, Jet Li, Epic Beard Man, Charlie Sheen, Corey Taylor, Simo Hayha, Barrack Obama, Jackie Chan
by The user name down in the corn February 20, 2015
Force to be reckoned with. When he comes into a room Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger will come on. Simply a really fucking cool dude.
Chuck Norris; Dirty Harry; Nev Schulman = Badass
by TravellingTrotter August 06, 2014
Someone who is capable and can rationally handle the toughest of situations while not being an asshole. A true badass does not boast or brag about anything and does not describe themselves as "badass" nor do they go looking for fights. A badass can only be determined as badass by what others think of him/her/it. There are no specific actions that make someone badass, they simply are or become one.
In the movie The Avengers, Character Agent Coleson is a badass for his bravery and incredible sense of duty.
by oldwhatshername January 05, 2015
Someone who is basically awesome, strong and has courage.

When someone or something is extreme, yet awesome at the same time.
Oh look at that motorbike, it's so badass.

Katniss everdeen is such a badass.
by Miss. Badass November 10, 2013
/bad•as/ verb
Word used often as slang to describe something of significant awesomeness

See "Guts from Berserk" for more information
That guy is wielding a sword bigger than he is! That's fucking badass
by Cheeki bandit June 21, 2016
Looking cool with the least amount of effort.
Person 1: Did you see how effortlessly Tommy did that 720 on his skateboard?
Person 2: Yeah. He's REALLY badass.
by DarkSwitch_Alchemist December 16, 2014
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