A character capable of rendering bad movies watchable and good movies unforgettable. Intelligent, aggressive, single-minded, static, often evil.
Examples: Ash in the Evil Dead movies; Bill Foster in Falling Down; Tyler Durden in Fight Club; Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.
by z June 19, 2004
someone who can just sit and radiate badassery without yapping like a little girl 24/7 about how badass they are.
Badass Zacharias, Badass Yazdanyar
by Thatswassssssssup August 30, 2010
2.Technically proficient
3.Driven by challenge
Performs cutting-edge heart surgery while listening to Widespread Panic
by Happily July 01, 2005
1. The ability to kick anyone's ass without as much as breaking sweat.

2. The ability to kick someone's ass and look amazing doing it.

3. The ability to dress as a member of the opposite sex but not look bad doing it

4. The ability to continue fighting after recieving larger then average wounds
# 1. Bruce Lee

# 2. Shooting someone over shoulder without looking

# 3. Sephiroth (FFVII), Alucard (Hellsing), Dante (Devil may cry).

# 4. Rather slef explanitory, don't you think?
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 15, 2004
People who are supplied with an unlimited source of awesomeness.
Everyone knows them or they know of what these people do. They roll in skill style and many more. When seen you feel a automatic sense of coolness from them. they come in good or bad. Yet theres no denying it that they are...............badass.
Dude that was badass.

John Pham is a badass.
Oh snap! You see that? Its completely badass!! Hes on fiya! someone go get water because he is sooo badass.
by Cooleybreeze June 06, 2009
Bad ass is someone who is their own self and they don't give a shit who knows it!
Dude! You know Breanna, that gangster chick that shot up that crazy bitch right before she base jumped off of the stratosphere in vegas!? She like's goin to the opera! and she's tellin everybody about it!!! She even put up on her myspace that she likes to knit, like sweaters and shit!!! Totally Bad ass!
by Chrooth January 12, 2011
Generally refers to a male. Confident, secure, uninhibited, so cool it hurts, hardcore, independent – all in one. I guess the character of James Bond is expected to be badass.
Sometimes referred to a woman. Means being down to earth, daring, confident unafraid of challenge (not intellectual but the challenge of real life experience – sports, extreme experiences, edgy actions). I guess they refer badass to a woman who looks quite tender and feminine so that they do not expect her to keep her senses facing a challenge. maybe a badass woman is an attractive female who behaves unexpectedly confidently in unusual situation.
Shia LaBeouf on Michelle Monaghan in Eagle Eye: "She's badass."
by thoseluckybastards June 03, 2009

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