Someone who does not ever look back at an explosion.

Bad Ass: nope.
by COBHC765 April 13, 2010
1. adjective. having extremely favorable qualities

2. adjective. pertaining to a person or thing that is rugged, strong, and/or ready to show these qualities

3. noun. person who is perceived to have the qualities of definition 2
1. I have a bad-ass car with a kickin sound system and bitchin rims.

2. The armored tank is a bad-ass military vehicle that can roll over just about anything.

3. Mohammed Ali was a bad-ass in the boxing ring.
by Marc February 24, 2004
Living on the edge, a tentancy to disregaurd authority and is notorious for trouble. Also known as BA.
Wow Jay Bator, talking back to the principal was really BA!
by GILIITCIH November 12, 2003
1) the severe extreme of maxed out coolness, total disregard for all things weak (ie: emotions, fear)
2) one who follows in the footsteps of the great triumverate of badasses (Spike Spiegel, Samurai Jack, and Batman)
1) Spike Spiegel, Samurai Jack, Batman
2) Han Solo, Rouroni Kenshin (OVA version)
by mathil January 29, 2005
someone who is so cool that their very presence is radiating with awesomeness.
"Matt Watson is so badass, he should be a given a scholarship," remarked Abby.
by Allahu March 17, 2005
1.Adjective: Used to describe one who totally owns who he/she is, is uninhibited in who they are and doesn't let what other people think affect his/her actions/decisions.

2.Noun: A person who is the best of the best at what they do professionally and/or personally. Being a Badass goes hand-in-hand with being self confident, secure and uninhibited.
1. Person 1: Alexus is so crazy and funny. She doesn't care what anyone thinks.
Person 2: Yeah, she is totally badass.

2. Mark, our loan officer, helped us get our house refinanced after three other lenders said it was impossible. He is a total Mortgage Badass!

2b. Student 1: Mr. Hall is the best science teacher ever. Student 2: I know. I never would have passed the test without him. Student 1: He is such a science badass. Student 2: Word!
by churchskipper September 14, 2008
Complete disregard for authority; Breaking rules; Annihilation of inhibitions; Complete freedom; a role- model.
Boy: Damn, that guy is bad ass! Did you see him punch that kid in the face?!
Other boy: Hell yeah, he's crazy. I wish I could do that.
by KathyBanana. November 20, 2007

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