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when a butt crosses over to the darkside.
oh no..my butts gone bad ass!!!!!!
by bob January 27, 2005
Badasses are rare. Many people might say they are badasses, but only a real badass would kill coppers, rape hoes, own bitches and not even give a damn. Once the king of badassdom went by the name "Badass Riggs", now he has been pushed aside and shat on by the ultimate badass of all time, MICHAEL DONAHOE.
Don't mess with a real badass, they will fuck you up in a heartbeat.
BAAAaaad AAAAaaaass
by goozleboggle June 14, 2004
Someone who does bad things in order to be "cool", generally frowned upon as they think they are cooler than they really are.
My sister Heather is a bad ass mother fucker!
by Chicken Sandwhich Mobile March 08, 2006
rona and claire without a doubt
Rona and Claire are complete BADASSES
by RoCo January 27, 2004
My friend Tommy. He is a total ass-kicking Mexican.
Tommy from Washington. He is a Mexican.
by Dennis January 12, 2005