The true American male. He is so insecure that it shows anytime he does anything, whether it's ordering yet another drink, buying a car way beyond his means, or treating women like shit. He is always looking for a fight, but if anyone stands up to him he whimpers away as the coward he is. He thinks that shouting at and beating women is the way a "man" handles these matters, and will sexually harrass any woman, regardless of age, in an effort to repress his homosexual desires.

A badass thinks and does whatever he sees on TV or hears on the radio. He wears whatever is advertised, and he drives a car meant to distract from his miniscule dick and inability to please a woman. Since he has not yet evolved independent thought, he does whatever the media tells him to. His "style" is a tasteless combination of whatever is popular at that given moment. He may have a Harley or a Corvette, or some other set of wheels that "gives" him style, because he sure as hell has none! All in all, the consummate loser.
Woman #1: All the men I meet seem to be badasses.
Woman #2: I have the same problem.
Woman #1: I have an idea, why don't we fuck each other, and not bother with these assholes ever again.
Woman #2: I'm way ahead of you, baby, if I had any panties on they would be sopping wet by now.
Woman #1: I can't believe I wasted so much time with these worthless fuckers!
Woman #2: Me neither. Forget about that, hon, and let's eat each others pussy!
Woman #1: Mmmmmmmmmmm!
Woman #2: Mmmmmmmmmmm!
by Just Saying it like it is. April 26, 2006
when a butt crosses over to the darkside.
oh butts gone bad ass!!!!!!
by bob January 27, 2005
Badasses are rare. Many people might say they are badasses, but only a real badass would kill coppers, rape hoes, own bitches and not even give a damn. Once the king of badassdom went by the name "Badass Riggs", now he has been pushed aside and shat on by the ultimate badass of all time, MICHAEL DONAHOE.
Don't mess with a real badass, they will fuck you up in a heartbeat.
BAAAaaad AAAAaaaass
by goozleboggle June 14, 2004
Someone who does bad things in order to be "cool", generally frowned upon as they think they are cooler than they really are.
My sister Heather is a bad ass mother fucker!
by Chicken Sandwhich Mobile March 08, 2006
rona and claire without a doubt
Rona and Claire are complete BADASSES
by RoCo January 27, 2004
My friend Tommy. He is a total ass-kicking Mexican.
Tommy from Washington. He is a Mexican.
by Dennis January 12, 2005
The meaning of the kind of person who lives his life in action, takes chances, never gives up his goals, is high on self esteem and prone to Ill-advised actions that not so badass people wouldn't be capable of doing, such as walking in front of an explosion, defeating multiple opponoments, eating a dose of extremly spicy chilli without screaming or shedding a tear, jumping in front of a bullet risking to get shot to save someone's life, having a witty sense of humor in an extreme situation, becomming the ruler of a whole country. The truth about a Badass is, that he just looks cool in everything he does without trying too hard (or trying at all). Note that just because a person doesn't do ALL the things i've mentioned, doesn't mean that they're not a badass. A person can be a Badass even if it's only 2 of the things listed. A real badass doesn't try impress people to fit in with others, he is who he is, and if he's gonna change something about himself, he's not going to do it for other people. Badasses do not brag unless they can actually back it up.

A badass generally shows respect for people who are nice to them in return, but never let's someone talk down to them or judge them. He doesn't care what you think of him, as long as you respect him.
Knuckles the Echidna, Han Sing, Mojo Jojo, Raven (Teen Titans), Neo, Juels and Butch (Pulp Fiction), Johnny Klebitz, Tommy Vercetti, Keisuke Miyagi
(Real Life)
Stone Cold, Samuel L. Jackson, Jet Li, Epic Beard Man, Charlie Sheen, Corey Taylor, Simo Hayha, Barrack Obama, Jackie Chan
by The user name down in the corn February 20, 2015

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