Badass can only be described as...... BADASS
i go places with my friend, John the BADASS
by John The Badass January 21, 2007
an ass that is bad.

stevie is a badass. his ass is bad. he cant sit down.
by samdog November 10, 2004
Badass, is a word to describe someone whos name is alan, who eats goldfish and pees down slids
That guy Alan is such a badass mo fo
by Alsdssad January 02, 2008
Not an emofag who wears all black and eye shadow. More optimistic.
Emo-lover: Dude checke this out! He's badass.
Me: Hell no, he looks like he walks the streets in Frisco.
by anti-emo February 24, 2005
a scrubby bald dick head with some dodgy personality problems.
lives in alsager, stoke-on-trent.
everyone hates him cus he is the biggest scrotum and skank n e one has ever met

worse than ted
i hope badass isn't out tonight, i hate him
by everyone in alsager November 08, 2004
kendall knows whos the biggest badass of them all
plang is a bad asssssss
by pat March 14, 2005
To be gangsta, to be hard, able to beat bitches up
Larina and Adam wear suglasses at night because the sun never sets on a badass.
by A-Money May 10, 2006
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