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The ultimate dude. Leather Jackets are a must
Butcher is soo fucking badass
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adj. meaning very tight or completely remarkable. Slang- "Off the hook fo real" . Has no correlation with the word "badass" .
"Your new 2006 camaro is very shiny, but most of all it is ba-dass"
by Nezbitt22 December 06, 2006
4 14
When you fuck your grandmother in her saggy ass. When you're done you say it was bad ass.
Example one:

Jorge: So man, how was your grandmother last night?
Ronald: Oh man, she was BADASS!

Example two:

Jorge: how is your dying grandmother in the hospital?
You: Shit man, she's so badass.
by GeneralDicks12 March 27, 2011
2 13
A synonym for the widely known king of badass-ery, Synestra The Great (though notably related to Chuck Norris)
Synestra, Pertaining to chuck norris relations,

"That synestra is acting quite studly an badass, Messes an idolized Cervantes while in the form of a mushroom, Bad ass"
by Cervantez The Great December 12, 2009
4 15
Someone who is tough and intimidating. Who is hardcore and is just a bad ass because he is. Someone who doesnt use a sheet to sleep with because thats not what bad asses do but at the same time sleeps with a dozen pillows.
A bad ass is also known as Jarrett.
by Nicole C. October 01, 2007
29 40
"a person who's hella cool, Jamie.A"
Marshy: "Jamie sounds badass, i like her already"!
by Jj097671 April 08, 2007
0 11
Adjective. Anything but Aelius Maximus Decimus Meridius
"I am not Aelius Maximus Decimus Meridius, therefore I am badass."
by The Official Webster January 05, 2007
1 12