maggy snyder; people who skip school
Wow, that kid is so badass because he left school early.
by Tim Ko December 04, 2009
the definition of cool
people who ride pink vespas and smoke candy cigarettes obviously...
Anabelle and Oona are so badass!
I know look at them riding Anabelle's mom's pink vespa and smoking candy cigarettes!
I know they are so badass!
by badassAandO November 03, 2009
a real hardcore person who is up for anything
their name could be Kez
and literally.. they will do anything, even karoke in a bar full of fat old men

thats how badass they are
"you were being pretty badass last night, i saw you sining karoke in the white lion"

"awww mate, wayooo"
by keziahrose March 23, 2009
when you open cereal without buying it, try it and then put it back without the store employees noticing.
i was in the supermarket tha otha day, peepin at some cereals, and im all like, you know what, its time for change! so i was looking at new, wild cereals and i was pretty sure which one i was going to get then im all like wait what if i dont like it and i had second thoughts. if only i could try it, BEFORE i buy it! so they had these little bags of each cereal, kinda like chip bags, that cost like 30 cents each so i just opened one of those and gave this cereal a try and it was gross so i put the box back on the shelf glanced around for any employees then stuffed the bag behind all the others. now that is BADASS.
by Ladadster January 26, 2009
The ultimate dude. Leather Jackets are a must
Butcher is soo fucking badass
adj. meaning very tight or completely remarkable. Slang- "Off the hook fo real" . Has no correlation with the word "badass" .
"Your new 2006 camaro is very shiny, but most of all it is ba-dass"
by Nezbitt22 December 06, 2006
When you fuck your grandmother in her saggy ass. When you're done you say it was bad ass.
Example one:

Jorge: So man, how was your grandmother last night?
Ronald: Oh man, she was BADASS!

Example two:

Jorge: how is your dying grandmother in the hospital?
You: Shit man, she's so badass.
by GeneralDicks12 March 27, 2011

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