Momo. No other definition needed.
You're so badass it's blinding!
by Anonymous______ July 10, 2008
One with very large ego. Allows them to be direct and efficient in all they do. Also allows for a disregard to the standards of others, resulting in a personal code thats badass. Additionaly, one who disregards power in numbers and will often kick the shit out of multiple lesser opponets who are caught defiling this personal code. (a trash talker, women beater, dis honering family, ect.) They are often quite but out spoken as what they say is direct, wise, and simple. one who dosnt need to pretend to be badass because they just are, and they know it. However badasses gain power with into music.
Couple of guys say: Your girls pretty hot, how much you want for her.
Badass says:
Procedes to beat their asses.

Group of black guys say: wazup my craka
Single White Badass says: nuttin much my nigga's
Black guys: mutha f...
Suddenly Drowning Pools song 'bodies' starts to play
White guy beats all their asses

Group of guys stalk girl
Group of guys say: Hey baby wasu...
Badass Girl kicks thme all in the nuts and while doubled over she propmtly bull dogs them into the cement.... two at a time.

The Dukes of hazard are badasses, Alice from resident evil is a badass, the punisher is a badass, bruce lee is a badass, Ash from army of darkness is a badass.
by Pyros June 16, 2006
Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem.
The epitome of bad ass-ness.
Joe:"Did you see Eminem's new music video?"
Casey:"Yeah man, hes so bad ass!"
by MarshallMayhem April 15, 2011
Rian and April Ferrero's rug in front of their 65" flat screen. GO DAWGS!!!!
by georgiabulldawg October 25, 2010
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The epitome of the Canadian male. He radiates confidence in everything he does, whether it's ordering a drink, buying a set of wheels, or dealing with women. He's slow to anger, brutally efficient when fighting back.

The badass carves his own path. He wears, drives, drinks, watches, and listens to what he chooses, when he chooses, where he chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns. Badass style is understated but instantly recognizable. Like a chopped Harley or a good pair of sunglasses: simple, direct, and functional.
"Dude that guy is so badass"
by T-Cole April 01, 2009
When one runs in circles 4 times whilst repeatedly doing jumping jacks and backflips with a shoelace tied around his/her head.
Alex: Your Such a Badass
Tony: I know
by Pan Fucking Cakes February 04, 2009
A bottom which is naughty.

Used particularly in the context of flatulence.
(Gentleman breaks wind)

Gent: Oh BAD ASS!!! BAD ASS!!!

(Gent spanks self on posterior: not hard enough to cause permanent dysfunction, but firmly enough to punish.)
by Pipe Downn October 09, 2008

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