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1. something or someone that is is badder(meaning cool) or better than the norm

2. means ur good at something
i am "badaman" at pool
by badamanz J January 01, 2008
someone or something that is badder(meaning cool) or better than the norm
im badaman at this game coz im unbeaten
by b-to-da-j January 01, 2008
A word that uncool people use to try and make themselves look cool. The correct word is "Badman" however by adding an "a" The person thinks they now sound extremely cool, but they just sound like a total douchebag/idiot/nob/moron etc.
Idiot : Haha it's cos he's a badaman!

Everyone else : Dude, does that guy think he's cool by saying badaman? whatta douche!
by UrbanDonkey November 30, 2010
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