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A word shouted exclusively by a young man known as Colin Brady. Used to end a sentence, as an adjective, or as an expression of excitement. Those attempting to use "badababee" without full knowledge of its originator should be avoided. They only know about Colin in a, ahem, "greatest hits" sort of way.
Oh man, I'm so high. The crystal meth just makes you go badababeeeee

manuella is so hot! her titties, i just wanna flick 'em! badababee!

badababee! come with me, we'll smoke a tree. then we'll do the PCP. afterwards, some LSD. chinese food has MSG. please don't call the FCC. it's as easy as ABC.
by Coricidin January 14, 2004
A phrase of approval or disapproval depending on tone and duration.
person 1: hey i got the Pink Floyd DVD!

person 2: BaDaBaBee!

person 1: Hey I just got the new dashboard cd!

person 2: baadaabaabee....
by Joe Conrad January 14, 2004

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